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Tree Problems & Pests:
With each change of season a plant must adjust to a new set of living conditions.  In fact, there are daily
changes in the plant’s environment–some subtle, some dramatic.  The growing plant must accommodate to
each new set of conditions if it is to continue to perform well.  Failure to adjust often brings about distress
symptoms or pest injury.  Sometimes the problem is obvious, but more often we must search for specific
symptoms and signs in order to narrow the range of possible causes.
Insects or tree pests can influence tree vitality and vigor dramatically.  They can infect trees with diseases or
reduce the tree’s well being by feeding on the foliage and wood tissue.  Tree decline and death is usually
attributed to multiple environmental stresses on the plant but can be caused by a single systemic disease like
Oak Wilt or Dutch Elm Disease.  It is recommended that a trained tree inspector evaluate each situation.