Why Choose Bennett & Son Tree Service?
Bennett & SonTree Service is really a system of tree care and tree recycling.  It incorporates every aspect of
arboriculture.  Our knowledgeable and friendly team is committed to tree health care.   We use the right
equipment and latest technology to ensure your trees are magnificent.  Bennett & Son understands how trees
react to the stresses of today’s environment.  There are a whole array of stresses ranging from weather
conditions to insect infestation to diseases and fungi.  Correct diagnosis is an important first step to tree
revitalization.  The care strategy employed is based from this diagnosis or the tree’s inspection.
Wood is one of America’s great renewable resources and no tree should be wasted.  Wood from removed trees
and branches are further processed into usable wood product like firewood and mulch.  This in turn helps keep
operating cost down and ultimately allows us to operate more efficiently than other companies.  As our
customer you get the best of both worlds, a highly trained and experienced tree service at a more affordable
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